Quality Assurance Service of the CER Groupe

The CER Group procures many products and services under its quality system, thus guaranteeing a very high level of quality and reliability. These quality labels are internationally recognised as a mark of "top-of-the-range" performance.

Some of the CER group’s activities legally require approval, certification or accreditation, without which they could not be carried out.

The Quality Assurance service develops and manages the following quality systems, whose main objectives are client satisfaction, process improvement and management, and further contracts resulting from the confidence given by controlling these systems.

The operational quality systems (and their date of certification) are the following:

In the Health department:

In the Biotechnology department:

  • ISO 9001 (12/08/2019) for the production of monoclonal antibodies monoclonaux, DNA immunisation and the production of reagents and diagnostic kits.
  • ISO 17025 (21/02/2019) Detailed scope ISO17025 v20 (21/02/2019)

The ISO 14001 standard is also being implemented in the lab of the Health Department and in the Trichinosis lab of the Biotechnology Department.  The environmental policy statement of the CER Groupe is available here

The quality systems undergoing development are the following:

ISO 17025:

General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories

ISO 14001:

Environmental management

ISO 9001:

Quality management systems: requirements

ISO 22000:

Food safety management  system – requirements for any organisation in the food chain

ISO 13485:

Medical devices: quality management systems – requirements for regulatory purposes


The EOCD principles of Good Laboratory Practice


Good Clinical Practices (veterinary)


Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

GMP pharma:

The Rules Governing Medicinal products in the European Union, vol. 4, GMP part II

GMP feed:

Good manufacturing Practice in the food industry


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